‘Anaganaga O dheerudu’….is undoubtedly the most awaiting movie of the season for plenty of reasons…First and foremost it is first south Indian film from Walt Disney’s production house. And next it has heirs of legendaries…Kamal Hassan’s daughter Sruthi, Mohan Babu’s daughter Lakshmi and Raghavendra Rao’s son Prakash directing it. And not to forget it has lover boy Siddardh playing the title role.

Let’s check out how well it satisfied the expectation that touched the sky when trailers are out…

Plot: Irendri (Lakshmi) the evil queen conquers a tiny island Angarajyam and makes the men there, her slaves. She is in search of 9 year old girl, to sacrifice her and gain mortality. Now it’s the challenge to the blind swordsman Yodha (Siddardh)…to save her…And there is interesting connection between his love interest Priya (Sruthi Hassan) …

How Yodha faces wicked witch and saves the Angarajyam and gains his love forms an interesting folk tale altogether.


Let me start with Lakshmi Manchu…Because she is altogether a surprise…Her grand appearance (awesome costumes)…excellent voice and diction…cruel histrionics suited the role to picture perfect. Thanks to her Dad, she might have learnt a lesson or two. Her homework made her portrayal flawless…she is no doubt back bone of the movie.

Siddardh is cool as warrior. I used “Cool”…because the role of the warrior is not the kind of regular mass heroes we have...It reminds you of Jack sparrow of pirates of Caribbean. Because he chills…goes around girls…tactfully accomplishes the tasks. And He is brave and confident though he is blind. He looks handsome in the flashback episode where he romances Priya. But he scores little less as blind warrior.

Sruthi Hassan…simply stunning in one word. She is damn gorgeous in all the costumes. She brings life to the love episodes. Surely Prakash gained the skill from his father as to how to present the beauty and make apt use of fruits. No doubt Sruthi has made her dream debut in grand way.

Harshitha played small girl Moksha. She did a great job.

Allari Ravi Babu plays Sudigundam, right hand to Irendri. He gains attention by his key word “Nimma daanimma”. There was good hilarious scene when his voice becomes feminine.

Ali again acts as pimp…with fans around his nipples…Funny. Brahmanandam plays *****…a short role.

Visual feast….Technical Treat….

First of all, we feel proud as Walt Disney enters our Telugu industry to bring us something we never see on our screen. You can use words…Marvelous, Superb or any adjective to define the grandeur. With almost 72 minutes of graphics created by Firefly studios, you feel every scene touched with magic and yet natural.

Soundar Rajan binds us with spell bound cinematography. Three romantic songs “Chandamaamala andagaadini” given by Mickey J Mayer, “Prema Lekha raasane pedaaley” by Salim-Sulaiman and “Ninnu Choodani” by Keeravani are aptly placed and colorfully shot in turkey. Again half credit goes to Soundar Rajan. Koti provides tune for "Pralaya Kaala bheela" picturized on Lakshmi.

Back ground score by duo Salim-Sulaiman Merchant suits the movie genre very well and makes us involve in the movie. They worked for Chak de India, Fashion etc.

Stunts by Dee Dee Ku (Worked for Kill bill) and William Ong (Who am I) are adequate. I liked the hilarious one with Ravibabu, Preclimax fight.

Bupesh R Bhupathi should be highly appreciated for plush sets…Whether it be Irendri’s den, Moksha’s home…Priya’s entrance in the market. Raj Gholay is production designer who visualized all the characters as cartoons and he would have presented it well to Disney beforehand.

Hats off Prakash Kovelamudi….

Prakash stands in first place for bringing us this Technical magnificence to Telugu audience. He has shown the directors a new way of bringing Hollywood houses to better our films visually. He is good plain story telling with no confusion.

Movie Flow: It starts with Irendri’s acts of cruelty. Then Moksha is seen and Yodha makes cool entry. First half goes in smooth way…with two good songs which has beautiful Priya…Hilarious fight between Sudigundam and Yodha.

Second half has some encounters between Yodha and Irendri. And Climax is adequate.


Ok told lot of positives…there were few shortfalls which I felt. With the Title surrounding like Dheerudu, people expect heroic deeds. In that point the director disappoints the mass audience a bit if they expect some show of heroism. Though siddards character is carefully designed, his diction should have been better. And there are few dragging moments especially before interval and interval bang is flat. Prakash might learn those tricks from likes of Rajamouli gradually. So don’t expect masala treat.

Final Say….

This is the movie one should never miss for the splendid visuals, high technical standards…Nice songs and good story telling. But spare cinematic mass appeal for this one. Kids will love it for sure.


3.2/5 …Telugu cinema rocks….Thanks Prakash



  1. Amazing review!! I have no idea about the movie..but seriously This review is so professional and so damn detailed..good work man! I think I'll watch the movie now, always wanted to but I got real push from the review.

  2. Amazing review!! I have no idea about the movie..but seriously This review is so professional and so damn detailed..good work man! I think I'll watch the movie now, always wanted to but I got real push from the review.


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