ßalayya (ƀalăăyā)
1. A person who kills people with his stunts. ( such as: flying from India to Pakistan with parachute, moves train backwards with his eyes, trains hens how to fight, eats idly with beer, kills 100 villain at a time with single hand in his movies ) 

2. Slang that is extremely used in everyday life to describe a worst person on the planet. ( If someone did something wrong or looks very bad with no physical shape, people in South India usually say “Nuvu manishiva leka BalaKrisssssshna vaaa?” - this means are you a human being or dickhead like Tollywood hero Balayya ) 

ßalayya (ƀalăăyā)
Causing mental illness, head-ache, disappointment, anger, commit murder, consume alcohol, or driving crazy with un-imagined movie stunts

ßalayya (ƀalăăyā)
1. Symptoms of headache. ( Getting headache after watching Balayya movie ) 
2. To destroy a vitally essential quality in a human being. ( By watching many movies of Balayya may result of driving frenzy and killing the taste of movies forever ) 

www.ihatebalayya.com Chiru, Pavan, Arjun, Charan
www.ihatebalayya.com Director Killer, Flop Hero, Family Name destructor.
www.ihatebalayya.com Thigh Sound Maker, Train Mover, Flight Stopper, Cigarettes Seller.

English – Hũman Killer
Latin - Matón
Chinese – Rénlèi shāshǒu (人类杀手)
Japanese – Hyūmankirā (ヒューマンキラー)
Hindi – Maanāv Hatyār (मानव हत्यारा)
Bholera Disease 
Bholera is derived from Cholera. Bholera is an infection caused by Watching Balayya movies over a period of time regularly. The main symptoms are headache, beating the thighs, tearing papers, vomiting and acting weird.

This disease transmission is primarily through playing or listening to Balayya songs, discussing Balayya movies with friends or family.

The severity of this disease can lead to rapid mental development or commit suicide by cutting the hands, bolls or neck.

Primary treatment is to visit  website sense of humour  to check some spoooof pics or Balayya kullu jokes which makes human beings soooo relax. Doctor recommendations are: avoid reading Balayya news, watching Balayya movies, escape Balayya music, create Balayya spoof or tell your friends/family about this website

Scientists at the International Institute of Bholera and Entertainment Diseases fear that Bholera disease is spreading global wide drastically with the increase rate of 1000% per each Balayya movie released.

Government is providing free counselling for Bholera disease people. Appointments can be made by calling 10101 (+9140 25678910 for International victims) balaya bday cake must watch



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