Ileana D Cruz, the Goan beauty reveals her heart to a national magazine recently.
She said, answering to a question, “Telugu films happened accidentally for me. I never planned for that. When I went down South, I didn’t even know the language. Everyone around was talking in a completely different language. The first day of shooting, there was a clap and I had no clue what was happening. I had never even thought about modeling. I was always a baggy jeans and tee kind of girl – had been a tomboy all my life and was so clumsy I was called butter-fingers. I was the only one in the house who had a plastic plate to eat from since I was hopeless with the fork and a knife”.
So, with this we can understand how foreign Ileana must have felt hearing the strange words and slang of Telugu when she started her career. Now she happened to be the most wanted beauty for every Telugu guy! Strange are the happenings in filmdom.



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