Young Tiger Jr.NTR is currently in Dubai for wrapping up the shooting of 'Shakthi' film directed by Meher Ramesh. Jr.NTR would tweet regulare atleast once in two or three days but now he had not tweeted any messages after 'PVC" release. Jr.NTR is the person who had die hard fanatiscm to his babai 'Balayya' and this had shown on the audio release stage of 'Parama Veera Chakra'. The film got released for Sankranth and turned out to be a major dud in Balayya career. Jr.NTR neither left a feedback of the movie on Twitter nor does he collected the comments about 'PVC' from his Twitter followers. It is also said that Jr.NTR is unable to answer his fans or followers about 'PVC' or Balayya and to escape from them, he missed twitter it seems.



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