Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji is a movie as the title suggests, is about the essence of a human heart, which almost always keep their children quality. The heart is where the essence of life is.
Therefore, to prove this point, the director Madhur Bhandarkar substantial agreement with the theme of love in a very humorous way.Madhur Bhandarkar, known for making realistic movies, set in the flavor of realism in this film also with figures, all very credible and something like a common man can relate to.
 Naren played by Ajay Devgn, is a forty something divorcee, who falls for his twenty something office assistant, June Pinto, played by Shazahn Padamsee. Naren is bank manager, who is facing a mid-life crisis and wants to have a companion, post his divorce with Rituparna Sengupta, sets his eyes on the teen, Shazahn who is bubbly and vibrant.
 Milind Kelkar by Omi Vaidya is a typical idealistic poet who lives in his own temporary world have a deep love with a girl named Gungun Sarkar played by Shraddha Das. Gungun it is a very ambitious and career minded gal.
Next comes Abhay, played by Emraan Hashmi, who is like a play toy for rich married women. He is a gym trainer, who works for money and works for Anushka Narang, played by Tisca Chopra. Abhay falls for her daughter Nikki Narag, played by Shruti Hassan.Abhay is an opportunist, who uses married rich women, to get his luxuries of life.
The three may be roomies but the they have diametrically opposed love stories. And they get heart broken at the end of the tale.
Director Madhur Bhandarkar has for the first time tried a love angled comedy subject, apart from his usual heavy duty subjects.

Each of the three love tracks have their pros and cons. Shazahn is bubbly and sweet, and fits in to the role of a secretary, who is ready to take her boss's hand to teach few quick dance steps, but not for a life compatibility has done it quite convincingly.

Shruti Hassan as the teenager, who is cold and calculating, has essayed her role well opposite the Casanova played by Emraan. Finally Shraddha Das is totally exploitative, against the innocent heart-ed Omi. Tisca Chopra as the married women with a teenage daughter has handled her character in a rather mature way and is quite moody too.

The chemistry shared between Ajay, Omi and Emraan works quite okay in the second half.

What doesn't work is the repeated situations between the three love tangled stories. The movie could have been more crispier. The characters seem cliche and the comedy situations doesn't work in some situations. The characters doesn't stay with you for long, except for Ajay Devgn who has portrayed an uncomfortable lover-boy subtly and for Omi.

Also the movie could have been done with known faces in the end, when the three guys set out for Goa. Though a different genre attempt from our National Award Winning director, this is a fun film.



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