PVC 'Lessons' for Jr NTR
Jr NTR's admiration towards Balakrishna is heartwarming for Nandamuri Fans. On numerous occasions, the young tiger treated Balayya as next to god and next to grandfather NTR. The same infection made him to give exaggerated statements about 'Parama Veera Chakra' on the day of audio release which absolutely turned farce and movie becoming the dud of Sankranthi.

Not to bully with fans anymore, Jr NTR neither left a feedback of the movie on Twitter nor does he collected the comments about 'PVC' from his Twitter followers. To save the face from brunt of Fans, Jr NTR de facto missed from Twitter and no where he is seen from a long time. Better late than ever, Jr NTR is learning about troubles that are to rise with loose statements on public functions. Finally, Balayya turned into a film guide for Jr NTR. Any Doubts!



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