The shooting of Nagarjuna's 'Rajanna' is currently going on in Hyderabad in a well decorated set. It is going to be an unofficial Rajamouli's film. Earlier it was announced that Rajamouli would be directing a few scenes. But as per the sources, the entire direction department has been taken over by Rajamouli. Also, he is trying to become too much perfectionist and he is not leaving the actors unless he gets the kind of output that he is looking for. For some shots, he went for more than 15 takes on Nagarjuna and Sneha before finalizing the right shot.

One more example of his perfectionism is, if he is not going to make it to the shooting on any particular day, prior to that day he is capturing the expressions of the actors using a handycam and asking his father Vijayendra Prasad to shoot exactly the way he shot using the handycam. He is that particular about the output. Even the official fight masters Ram and Lakshman are just making their presence at the location and watching Rajamouli directing the fight sequences.



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