Siddharth irritates Super Star fans
If somebody asks us about picking the best in Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan, we tend to get confused and take maximum time in answering. But young hero Siddharth has full clarity of mind and gave the answer 'Kamal Hassan is the best' during a chat show.

The interpretation Siddharth tried to give for selecting Kamal Hassan as best is treated as an insult to Rajinikanth by the fans. "Kamal Hassan is a best actor and Rajinikanth is just a Super Star," said Siddharth without any confusion.

Both the star heroes get into different zone of images and Siddharth easily could have chosen a different answer before bending towards only Kamal Hassan. A point to remind is Shruti Hassan was sitting besides Siddharth when this answer was out. The gossip of Shruti and Siddharth in love from long time gets more strength with this kind of answers and wish that Kamal is hearing it while Rajinikanth fans are annoyed.



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