It is known news that the Tollywood circuit has completed 80 years of its existence and during its tenure, it has seen hundreds of directors making their mark and leaving an impression. However, that is the toughest role in the entire circuit and only a few tough men have been able to survive the challenges.

It is heard that throughout this eighty years, the real tag of a successful director can actually be given to just three people. Well, the reason for that is the success ratio which was high only for these three. Incidentally, each of them belongs to three different generations.

First in the list is Adurthy Subbarao with a percentile of 90 percent hits. Reports say that out of around 30 films he made, he has scored 24 hits. The other person is the famous Kodhandarami Reddy who directed 90 films and secured 80 hits out of them. Last but not the least, there is our tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli who has made 8 films and scored 8 hits.

So these are the top three directors who made highest hit ratio in their career.



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