When movies like 'Komaram Puli', 'Khaleja' and 'Orange' bombed at the box office, many of the television channels and websites behaved in a way that it gave a feeling that they are in a celebration mood. They used to make programs specifically to discuss about the failures of those movies and it used to piss off the fans more than the film's failure.

But in case of 'Parama Veera Chakra', which is more terrible flop than the above movies, television channels are keeping mum about it. As per the guesses by some of the analysts, it could be either due to the fact that the movie had no prior expectations before its release, or due to the influence of Dasari, or may be due to the reason that some of the popular channels tend to be partial to some heroes and anti to others. Whatever is the reason, the current behavior of these channels is helping the fans to forget PVC bad memories as soon as possible.



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