Onscreen, Brahmanandam may come across as the most entertaining person but offscreen, he sure has a different person. It is heard that Brahmi is known for giving tough time to his producers but this time, he has reportedly shown a similar approach with his son Gautam.

Sources reveal that Brahmi is not interested in Gautam joining the film industry. But due to force, he signaled for ‘Pallakilo Pellikoothuru’ long back. As the film flopped there had been no second film for him till ‘Vareva’ that was released last week. If Brahmanandam determines, nothing could have stopped Goutham from getting film opportunities as he has bearable looks anyway.

As such, grapevine is strong that there is a lot of money the star comedian has. Some say it is touching about Rs 600 crores. Anyways, it is heard that Brahmi has urged with Gautham not to get into acting rut but his son was reportedly adamant.

So, Brahmi used his brains and maintained that the pre release publicity went good for ‘Vareva’. But just at the time of release, he ensured the film flunked so that Gautam packs his bags. He didn’t bother about promotion of the movie at all.

On the other hand, neither Gautham’s acting skills nor the content in the film were appreciated by anyone. But Goutham is reportedly saying to his friends that his father has shown sadism on him!!!



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