Most romantic moment : My ring ceremony

Biggest Surprise : I used to tell my fiance(Sneha Reddy) that she's incapable of surprising me. And one day, she somehow found out my shooting spot with the help of my friends and traveled all the way for two hours to meet me and our meeting lasted for less than 10 minutes.

Your plans for Valentine's Day : Don't shoot on V-day and then plan something.

What would you do to pacify when a girl's angry? : The only thing which comes to your rescue is your wit.

How to woo a girl ? : Give her a bunch of flowers, always works.

One thing you should never do when you are with your girl ? : Never be arrogant, it's a big turn off.

What's the biggest turn on in a woman ? : It's the way they smell, the fragrance(chuckles). 



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