Tapsee revealed that she enjoyed working with Vishnu in a better way than that of Manoj. She also said that the energy levels in Vishnu are more than that of Manoj.

It is known that Tapsee's first film is Jhummandi Nadan in which Manoj played the lead. Much before the release of that film itself Tapsee got the offer to act beside Vishnu.

"I was a bit tensed during the shoot of Jhummandi Nadam as that was my first film. I couldn’t enjoy much then. But now with Vasthadu Na Raju, I got relieved from tension and started enjoying every minute. Apart from that Jhummandi Nadam was directed by veteran Raghavendra Rao which added to my tension but Vastadu Na Raju is directed by youngster Hemanath who used to crack jokes and make things easier. I enjoyed every moment and Vishnu's wife Veranica also co-operated a lot to me".

Well, what sort of co-operation Viranica might have given? That is a different point to discuss.



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