Dil Raju's Multi-crore deal With Director??

Dil Raju's Multi-crore deal With Director??Money never tastes bitter for anyone, despite the blows they receive in the process of making it. With a series of serious flops, Dil Raju never stepped back in making those big budgeted flicks. Now, there comes another fresh deal with Ram Gopal Varma to make whopping crores.
According to the grapevine, Dil Raju signed a deal with Ram Gopal Varma to produce a couple of films in his direction. One film is purely for Telugu audience and the second one is a bilingual. Industry people are confirming it and are saying that it is because of this deal, RGV postponed 'KSD Appalaraju' from Feb 11th, for a smooth and safe release of 'Gaganam'. However, the travel of both these 'head-strong' persons will be like walking on a sword. As per industry talk, both the guys are publicity freaks, one copies the stories of his assistants and other sucks the energies of his directors.



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