ABOUT CCT (Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust)

It’s common in the Telugu Cinema industry that people who are successful in their movies, plan to make movies and slowly build a studio of their own when they get enough profits. In the recent times, Chiranjeevi is one hero who wanted to spend for deeds of charity than for his own glorification in the industry, as he feels the responsibility towards his fans and, more important, towards the society. It’s not untrue to say that his deeds motivated many of his fans towards charity and social service/welfare. He should be commended for the same.

On Oct 02nd 1998, Chiranjeevi started Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization, which will concentrate on the Eye & Blood Bank activities. The Aim of CCT (Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust) is to give back the people whatever he could on the humanitarian ground thus demonstrating a new dimension in his personality. A part of his earnings have been going to its fund since then, along with the money he earns through advertisements and commercials that he appears. The blood bank of the CCT served over 70000 people in last 8 years, which itself a record, by operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The eye bank served 750 people so far, in the short span of time after its inception. Recently he started focusing on child relief too. What Chiranjeevi does through CCT is a noble cause that should be appreciated, and every hit movie of Chiranjeevi implies more funds to the CCT.


MISSION: In an age where medicine has advanced greatly, blood still remains a scarce life support, highly inaccessible. Added to which is the lurking danger of infected blood seeping into the system due to inadequate facilities and lack of awareness.

At CCT our endeavor is to provide safe and screened blood to every single person in need of it. In years to come CCT envisages to eradicate deaths due to lack of adequate and safe blood supply in A.P and in India .

POLICY: Chiranjeevi blood bank is perhaps the only blood bank in the state, where replacement of blood is not at all necessary.

CCT provides blood absolutely free of cost to the needy and underprivileged. Besides CCT also incurs the costs of blood screening which is about Rs.750/- per unit .In case of economically backward and lower income group people CCT absorbs these screening costs completely. Persons who are white card holders or belong to the family of white card holders and or availing treatment at Government Hospitals are eligible for claiming exemption of screening costs.

CCT provides a subsidy of 50% to those availing treatment at private nursing homes. In case of higher income groups, and those availing treatment at Corporate Hospitals, CCT still provides blood free of cost but the screening costs have to be borne by them.

The Blood bank has provided 3000 donors directly to the Hospitals like NIMS, CARE, APOLLO, USHA MULLAPUDI in cases of emergency that required fresh blood.

The Trust has established five voluntary blood donor clubs in Vishakahapatnam, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Kakinada, and Hyderabad and intends to meet a target of setting up 50 such clubs to substantially increase the number of blood donations.

A state of the art Components Preparation Unit to accommodate the recent developments in Blood Transfusion will also be added along with measures to upgrade the rest of the equipment Online registration

Eye Bank
To provide sight to visually impaired through collection and distribution of corneas from volunteer eye donations.

To educate people about the importance of eye donation. To register and maintain a database of eye donors, To recover corneas posthumously from registered donors, and To distribute the corneas to the needy people.

The Chiranjeevi Eye Bank was started in the year 1998 to fulfill the service vision of its founder, the well known Telugu film star Mr. Chiranjeevi. The first ever appeal for eye donation to the public through media by Chiranjeevi resulted in an overwhelmingly spectacular response of over fifty thousand people pledging their eyes for posthumous use to provide vision to the visually impaired.

The Trust through the intensive efforts of the Eye bank has collected 775 pairs of eyes from the deceased donors who had pledged their eyes and provided vision to 1550 people who were visually impaired.

The Trust wishes to appoint counselors in each district to create awareness about eye donation and encourage the immediate family members of those donors who pledge their eyes to extend their cooperation to collect the eyes on the demise of such donors.

The Eye Bank along with the Blood bank is administered by the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, located at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad .



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