We have seen innumerable hijack dramas both in Hindi and Telugu but this is the first time in Telugu cinema we get to see a full-length riveting and absorbing story of a group of terrorists who take control of an airplane to secure the release of dreaded terrorist Yousuf Khan. The director doesn't waste time in unnecessary scenes and within minutes introduces the characters albeit superficially, takes you on board and pushes you into a panic situation. The first hour of Gaganam is passable but what keeps you hooked is the second part of the story.

Radha Mohan who is an expert at hitting at emotions shows his skill in the vital 30 minutes of the film. He comes out with minute details, clears doubts on how the terrorists sneaked into the plane in the first place, how the explosives have been planted, etc. There is an unexpected twist that heightens the tension of the viewers but what holds yours interest is Nagarjuna's spontaneity in dealing with the psyche of the terrorists, the method he uses in eliciting information and support of the people.

The narration focuses more on the reactions that trigger out of a panic situation, the mind game that the crew apply and indulge in. Nagarjuna couldn't have asked for a better role, without dominating the story he steals the show with his charm and wit. Poonam Kaur is near perfect as an airhostess underplaying her feelings and Prakash Raj and the rest of the cast like the pilot, co-pilot, passengers sink into their roles with ease.

One of the best scenes is of the confrontation between the Home Secretary Vishwanath (Praksh Raj), the airport authorities and between Raveendra, NSG Commando Raveendra (Nagarjuna). Brahmanandam's entry eases the tense situation but brings you back right into the story. Prithvi is a misfit doesn't gel in the role of a film star and so do many other people who give a very very south Indian look. The flight interiors, the scenes inside the rest room all have been shot so well, giving it a very realistic feel, the credit goes to Guhan for giving it a very natural feel. Good dialogues and a back ground score aid in being an asset to the film.

Finally, there are touching moments in Gaganam as well, a doctor treating a terrorist, a terrorist becoming vulnerable on seeing a child, the media represented by Harsha and his arguments with Nagarjuna has come out effectively. In a nutshell, the story is about a plane heading from Chennai to Delhi makes an emergency landing at Tirupati on reasons other than hijack. Watch the film for it's production values, cinematography, performances and the interplay of emotions between various characters that elevate the story as the ultimate hero. A must watch!
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