Jai Bolo Telangana

Direction : Shankar
Music : Chakri
Starring : Jagapathi Babu

jai bolo telangana

movie chala bagundi

chala chotla full edupu vachindi

theater motham full response

podusthuna podhumedha song vachinapudu andharu screen degari
ki veli dance chesaru devi theater lo , gadar ki unna response chusi shock ayya

gaddar song nadustunapudu theater lo evaru kurchole , chala mandhi veli screen degariki veli gaddar kalu mokkaru , i was totally shocked

movie lo ekkada bore kotale , infact movie was touching at many scenes

intreval scene ayite ulti to the core

overall movie pakka super hit , 3 crs peti tesina cinema edi , pakka double kante ekuva vastadi

rating : 4/5

[note]movie was anti for only andhra politicians , andhara people ni ekkada em anale ,

movie devi lo 200 peti black lo konna

theater response ayite ulti unde , sudershan n devi pakka pakkane renditilo undhi morning show , kcr sudershan mor show motam tesesukunadu , so devi lo dorkaiyi black lo

response at gaddars songs , full loli loli

Jagapathi Babu acts so well, as if his heart really beats for Telangana, and in the coming few months we will have many more stars sinking into the roles to show their love for Telangana or love for their art. Shankar has done a good job, whether people see his film or not he has made a perfect cocktail of news clippings and human drama, a volatile subject to spin a story for great deed..whipping up passions to rake in moolah.

Will Jai Bolo Telangana be as potent as the politicians and activists who want to the State to be divided? It depends on the crowd who go to see it. Bottomline is, Jai Bolo Telanagana is a good piece of art, an average cinema, it has violence not in the form of weapons but in the form of language, feelings and visuals that will disturb you. Songs are melodious, see the film for KCR's creativity in lyrics, Gaddar's love for himself on the big screen and the awesome title song that you'd love to hum home. Just appreciate the film as a piece of art



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