Jr. NTR is getting married shortly, is a well published news currently. But what is not known to many that he's going to relinquish his 'young tiger' title henceforth. No, not because of the marriage, as you might be thinking.

South Indian stars rejoice in sporting titles preceding their names and also change them from time to time. Hero Nagarjuna who was titled 'yuva samrat' previously, has switched over to 'king' later. Jr. NTR too got a new title 'A One Star' on occasion of completing his current movie "Shakthi". Its director Meher Ramesh not only coined this title for jr. NTR, but also has filmed a song in the movie having 'A One Star' in its lyrics. It's audio will be released on 27th of this month and movie is expected to hit the screens on 30th March.

Nandamuri fans are though surprised by this sudden change of title, are also feeling happy about it. They say that 'A One Star' title is more apt for jr.NTR and goes well with the cinematic terminology than the previous one. After all, if one can be super star, mega star, power star, stylish star and mega super power star, jr. NTR too can be 'A One Star'!



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