Movie:Kudirithe Cup Coffee
Star Cast : Varun Sandesh n Suma Bhattachaya in main lead
Bheemineni, Tanikella, Sukumari and others
Music: Yogeswar Sharma
Dialogues: Abburi Ravi
Cinematography: Santosh Rai
Director: Ramana Salva
Producer: Mahi
Release date: 25/02/2011

********Character Names******
Varun Sandesh as Venu
Suma Bhattachaya as Lasya
Sukumari as Malathi Teacher
Thanikella Bharani as Mohan

Venu , who is kind of person wants live happy and not keen on building up Career.But When his close friend suicide disturbs him and make him hatred towards Love.
Lasya Grand Daughter of Sukumari Working in Hyderabad and Her dream is to own Coffee Shop located in Dhakshinagiri.
Then Venu has to go to Dhakshinagiri when told by his father n Where Malathi Teacher stays at That Place. Venu's father want him to Clear all financial debits of Malathi Teacher.
Lasy Comes to Dhakshinagiri. Venu n herself organises many Events to clear debits from Mohan...
Where Lasy Falls love with Venu. But Venu Regrets it as he hates Love n LoveStories.
N rest is How They have clear debits n Venu finds his first love in Lasya towars Climax.....

Performance Wise Varaun Came With Decent Performance But failed to improve his dialogue Delivery n Suma Debut is Good n she has capability to prove n her Character is cool....Sukumari(Murari Fame) suits Role of Malathi Teacher and Thanikella is good in his Brief Role.
Direction is Average n could have been better at places
Screenplay is Good in parts
Photography-- As Movie Is revolved around dhakshinagiri (Coffee Shop). its well shot and its Visually Treat To Audience.
Songs are Well Picturised and most of them are Situational.....
Concept is Good But Director Lost His Grip in Narration.....

Its Very Different Love Story With No Commercial Elements.If U Like Geetanjali n YMC kind of Movies U feel OK for this Movie.
For the audience who want Commercial elements....Like Comedy,Action U feel Bore ... Boring......

My rating for this Movie is 3/5
Watch it Once fo Photography n its Narration(in parts



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