Recently, Ram Gopal Varma was mentioning that he is planning to come up with a new film looking at the current political situation in Andhra Pradesh. He titled it aptly as ‘Kurchi’ and just when allthought that it was one of his top of the head statements, here is an interesting update.

It is heard that this one will be a dig at the three crucial leaders of AP Politics – Y S Jagan, Chiranjeevi, Chandrababu Naidu. It seems the film will focus on their desires for the chair.

Yes, the story revolves around 3 individuals and their way of becoming desirous for kurchi (power). One man backstabs his uncle, other uses the opportunity of vacuum created by his CM father and another wishes to use cine glamour to become CM.

It is needless to say that they are understood as Chandrababu, YS Jagan and Chiranjeevi respectively.

Cine sources reveal that currently, the script work is happening on those lines. However, given Ramu’s penchant for springing surprises and controversies, one will get a clear picture only after an officialstatement or teaser is released.



  1. good but treating highlight charecter is chiru

  2. ramgopal varma gaaru
    meeru politics meeda e cinema teeste chala baguntundi kaani andulo ma boss megastar chiranjeevi garri charecter ni baga elavate chesi migata charecter la kante ekkuva ga oka cine panditundiga no 1 hero ga annni angles lonu no 1 ga chupinchalani anukuntunanhu meru alage chiru nii alage chupinchali k na ram


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