Telugu remake of Love Aaj Kal is suited for Pawan
Ever since the launch of Jayanth C Paranjee ’s Theenmaar — the
remake of Love Aaj Kal, Tollywood’s been waiting with bated
breath for everything related to it. The film, which is readying up
for a summer release this year, is almost near complete with just
two songs left in balance.
“This film has shaped up really well. It is a lot different from Imtiaz
Ali’s film, as I’m trying to delve deeper into the relationships. I’ve
changed my characters to suit Pawan Kalyan’s image as well,”
says Jayanth, who adds, “Here, the love story between the two
NRIs is set in Cape Town and Kalyan plays a master chef.” Trisha
is paired opposite Kalyan.
He’s brought in a lot of twist to the flashback love story as well.
“Saif, in the original, played a simply, sweet guy. Here, I’ve used
Benaras as the backdrop for the flashback story. Pawan, in
keeping with his image, plays a Telugu student leader, who is an
angry rebel. You get to see how a tough guy like him is suddenly
stumped when he falls in love, ” says Jayanth
He’s even given the girl opposite Pawan here, some more scope
to showcase her acting skills. “Kriti Kharbanda, who plays the
heroine in this sequence, still is the sweet, simple girl. But, she also
has a little spunk in her, which is what makes this love story
interesting. I ’ve incorporated two songs in this love story, giving it
a little screen space,” explains Jayanth, who also has the much
delayed project Love 4Ever on hand, which stars two
“I plan on releasing this after Theenmaar on June 9. Love 4Ever
stars Deepika Padukone in special song. Contrary to rumours that
have come out, she is not part of the Love Aaj Kal remake. There ’s
no space for any such special number in that film,” says Jayanth.



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