Pawan's move sends shivers down 'C' spine Despite the fact Pawan Kalyan is big star in TFI he never cared about satisfying the interests of Fans particularly in dances. Taste of Pawan Kalyan in selecting the stories and directors is different from other heroes as films like Johnny and Komaram Puli showcased his inability to satisfy the expectations of audience. 

Now the big topic in film circles is Teen Maar. Apparently title depicts the mass folk dance form in Andhra Pradesh. The beat of Teen Maar will definitely get the audience to tap the feet and eventually make them dance with fervor. With such splendid title announced, Pawan Kalayn who never danced in his total career as an artist is engrossed to make the theatres woo with mass steps. Now except the canning of three songs, entire shooting of 'Teen Maar' is completed.

As per insiders report, Pawan's move is sending shivers down choreographers spine. The fact is that choreographing new dance steps for the tunes of Mani Sharma and particularly to a star hero like Pawan is not an easy task. Let us see, how Pawan Kalyan will give a show this time.



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