When Rajamouli announced his movie with Prabhas, most of his fans delighted because after a long time he is going to work with a big hero again and moreover it is a complete fantasy film unlike 'Yamadonga' and 'Magadheera', which are part-fantasy films. His choice of Hero is perfect too as Prabhas is the only Tollywood hero with such a big, wide and tall frame with great muscularity. But there is one thing that is a big cause for concern. That is the budget of the film. The movie is going to be made with 50 to 70 Crores budget. Now the question is not about whether the movie becomes a Hit or Flop but whether the movie gets a commercial success or not.
When Rajamouli made movies with Ram Charan and Junior NTR, he got huge returns. But when we have a look at his movies with other heroes, like 'Sye', 'Chatrapathi', 'Vikramarkudu' and 'Maryada Ramanna', though they became hits and super hits, they could not collect huge profits. Except 'Maryada Ramanna', which just touched the mark of 30 Crores including the satellite rights, other movies could not cross the shares of 18 Crores. This clearly indicates that it is not just the Director but the Hero also plays a vital role in bringing back all the investments with profits.
In case of Junior NTR and Ram Charan, they have a huge fan bank. Fans are not just the repeat audience for their heroes' films but their support helps the movies to get no-budget publicity for these films. But Prabhas does not really have a great fan base. It is unsure how much shares the movie can get even if it gets a Super Duper Hit talk. Though Rajamouli is planning to make the movie in two languages with a wider business strategy, we can not be sure on how Tamil audiences will receive this handsome hero.
With all that said, it is definitely a high risk affair, but not an impossible one. Let us hope the Top Director of Tollywood gives the top hit once again.



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