Hi,here s presenting my view on d track list of high budgetd flick shakti...Ntr acted in lead role..

its my first review on some,track list...coz there r resonable reasons 4 dat...
after looking @ d track list of shakti,d only scene striked my mind,is from d movie king..
Brahma(JAYASURYA):shastri akkada thadika,teesi ladki petara...

if u clearly observes d tl of shakti,its clearly d repeat/copy/freemake of mahesh's khaaleja track list...

despite,both movies music s composed mani sharma n shastri penned more songs..here r some similarities..

1.thaliya thaliya(intro intro)
thakadandan taxi(intro song)
2.prema desam yuvarani
piliche pedavula paina
3.surro surr
sunday monday
4.mathileka picchiga
makatika maya
all above 4 songs starts with same,alphabets..
*prema desam/piliche both song r of same catagory a true melody numbers.
*makatika maya/matileka picchiga:thadika baddulu ladiki pettinattu meaning emmi change avakunda vunnai both songs.
*surro surr/sunday monday both r bit fast tracks ..
*om nama shivarudrayya/maha rudra:: both d song r mentiond as heart 4 der respective movies.. Both d songs of f same theme about load rudra..

meher+tarak previous flick ,kantri was a freemake of mahesh's Pokiri..now lot of similarities btw shakti n khaleja audio..

Expressed my view,pls comment ur view..



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