If all goes well then the chances are that comedian Sunil will become the first 10-pack Indian actor. Yes, the man with ten-pack Ab muscles. However, this is not to be seen in his upcoming venture ‘Katha Screenplay Darskatvam Appalaraju’.

Sources reveal all this is happening for his other film ‘Napoleon’. They state that already Sunil has managed to get eight-pack and now he is determined that anyhow he should get the ten-pack. The buzz is that he has hired a special trainer for that and is sweating it out at the gym.

Though many are advising Sunil not to push himself like that, it is heard that he is not listening and is trying to wipe away the ‘Banda Sunil’ title once and for all. Incidentally, he wowed all with his dance in ‘Andaala Ramudu’, then he scored with his innocence in ‘Maryada Ramanna’. Now, he is arriving with variety role in ‘KSD Appalaraju’. Then, there is the much talked ‘Napoleon’.

With all this, Sunil is proving that he is not a run of the mill hero and has an eye for the right kind of variety in his roles.



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