Sunil Missed His Hat-trick Because Of RGV?  

Comedian turned hero, Sunil gave two back to back hits in the form of 'Andala Ramudu' and 'Maryada Ramanna'. He had been lucky to get good directors as well as good subjects for his first two movies. But he was not so lucky for the third time. Though he got an opportunity to work with the great director like Ram Gopal Varma for his third movie, he has become a victim of RGV's inconsistent directorial skills. It is really unpredictable when RGV gives a blockbuster or when he gives an utter flop. Now, as 'KSD Appalaraju' is declared as an Utter Flop just after the morning show on the release day, Sunil's dreams of getting Hat-trick hits as a hero are completely shattered. He rejected some good offers for comedian roles when he turned as a Hero. Maybe this failure will help him in taking the right decisions in choosing the appropriate roles for a longer career span.




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