The making of RGV’s KSD Appala Raju with Sunil playing the lead role was definitely seen as a direct attack on the film industry people. Although, RGV made fun out of his own character in that particular film, no one is ready to digest the strokes that they got in their ribs presented by RGV with his film Appalaraju.
Perhaps, every person in the Telugu film industry might have prayed for the failure of his film, and it happens. If, the film becomes a hit then, probably no one in the industry could dare to face his statements. But, fortunately or unfortunately the film was failed and the entire Tollywood is silently celebrating his failure.

The situation is just like boomerang for RGV now. He digs at them in his film. Now, the people in the film industry are doing the same thing that he did for them with his film. Now, taking the revenge, people in the industry are circulating new jokes on RGV, his arrogant behavior and on his films. Now, they turn their attention to RGV’s much told five-day-film Dongal Mutha. While, starting the film he said that, Tollywood directors are simply prolonging their film shootings for years and years which can be completed in a couple of weeks. This statement also irks the Tollywood directors. So, they all whole heartedly might be praying for this film failure also.
But, RGV is not a man of ordinary kind. He tweets:
Throw stones nd I wil build a house try 2 burn me nd I wil use tht fire 2 light my life.if u chase me I wil rch goal faster…

Good that’s called spirit. Keep it up RGV.



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