The recent meeting between the film chamber and the producers’ council dug out some of the murkiest issues which have been lying deep. And this time, the producers are putting their foot down and making their thoughts clear without any qualms. Well, after having burnt their fingers obliging the demands of stars and directors and digging deep holes in their pockets, here is some new amendments and resolutions.

A new set of conditions have been registered for heroines and this is primarily for those who come from outside Andhra Pradesh. As part of the cost cutting measures, there is no more royal treatment to them. Going forward, the heroines will be given Rs 3000 as daily allowance including her mother/assistant. Wherever they stay they have to pay from their pockets if it goes beyond 3k figure. Well, the top heroines can’t go below their status so they might have to give any payments from their remuneration only. So, if a heroine’s call sheet is for 30 days it costs her around Rs 6-7 lakh extra if continued with present standard of living while work.

The other decision there will be no more payments in black. Every penny will go through cheque and it is not just the heroines, even actors who come from outside like Ashish Vidyarthi, Sonu Sood, Pradeep Rawat, Mukesh Rishi etc will be paid in white only.

The talk is that with these conditions, the imported actors won’t show much interest. While it may serve as a blow to the films, the brighter side is that the local talent will get chance.

One more rule is that any artiste imported from other places, if their shooting location crosses 15 kms then they will get car facility. If the shooting location is within 15 km, then petrol expenses will be paid to them irrespective of which vehicle they are using. The petrol expenses will be given even though they come to shoot spot by auto. However, this is only for those who are getting a remuneration of more than Rs 5 lakhs. To artistes whose remuneration is below Rs 5 lakhs nothing of that sort and they might be provided with a non ac Indica car.

Few other policies have come up. There will be only one make up man for a group of 10-15 artistes when they fall in ‘below rs 5 lakh bracket’ and producers will bear the costs of that single make up man. Any other assistants or managers required, the heroines or artistes will have to pay.

Another important development is that, for booking the heroine’s dates the manager is no longer necessary. The producers can have a direct talk with heroine and after signing with the actual amount discussed, the manager can involve in various activities of modus operandi.

If the above are implemented rightly, there will be no more whims and fancies of the heroines or any other artistes which will be entertained. However, the flip side is that jobs in the cinema industry will come down. Only time will tell whether this will shape up a better Tollywood or not.



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