In an article published by Hindustan Times, they reported that the Orkut community of Pawan Kalyan is the second most popular in India.

But Pawan Kalyan's community in orkut has got only 86000 odd members and there are many more communities in India like Hyderabad community which have more members. Then how come Pawan's community is more popular?

We ( called up (emailed) Hindustan Times sub-editor to find out on this. Then we got the answer. Though there are many communities which have more members than Pawan Kalyan's community, this community is very active. For example, the number of posts per hour in Pawan's community is more than Chiranjeevi, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth, Hyderabad etc communities since the past one year.

The HT sub-editor also informed us that they excluded the spam posts from the count under the Orkut guidelines.

One reason for the popularity of Pawan Kalyan is that there is always some iota of mystery in him. He does not mix socially unlike other Tollywood heroes which makes people and fans more curious about him.

The Hindustan Times article on this

Patriotism, style and dating are among the most popular Mumbai communities on Orkut, according to the Orkut Zeitgeist. “We have noticed a rise in online Marathi communities in the city as well, but attribute this to new tools that we have introduced that help netizens communicate in their local
language,” reveals Rahul Kulkarni, product manager, Google India.

Shahid KapoorOn the national scene, Bollywood takes a beating from southern ‘Power Star’ Pawan Kalyan and Telegu and Tamil cinema. When it comes to sports, football beats cricket in terms of popularity, though Sachin Tendulkar remains India’s favourite cricketer.

Kulkarni says, “And contrary to expectations, the beautiful game’s popularity has been gradual and has nothing to do with the recently concluded World Cup.”

Top 10 Mumbai Communities
Mumbaikars display the highest degree of patriotism with India and Marathi featuring several times in the Top 10 Mumbai Communities on Orkut.
Stylish People
Marathi Singles
Boys vs Girls
Marathi Girls Rock
Marathi Scraps
New Orkut
Marathi Vinod

Top 10 National Communities
At the national level, South star Pawan Kalyan is most popular, with several communities debating his movies, looks and lifestyle. Friends and Tom and Jerry also make the cut.
Power star Pawan Kalyan
Stylish People
Boys vs Girls
Tamil Cinema
Telugu Movie World
I love my school friends
Tom & Jerry
Selena Gomez

Famous Football Team Communities
Who says India isn’t into football? While national and international teams do not find many takers, club football does have a following on Orkut with Arsenal leading the race.
Arsenal FC
Manchester United
Liverpool FC
English Premier League
Chelsea FC

Sports and Entertainment
Sachin Tendulkar rules on the cricket field. Indian captain M S Dhoni comes a close second while The Wall (Rahul Dravid) is third. In Bollywood, chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor is preferred over macho man Salman Khan, while A R Rahman wins over Enrique Iglesias and Michael Jackson when it comes to music.

Most Famous Cricketer Communities
Sachin Tendulkar
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Rahul Dravid — The Wall

Most Famous Bollywood Actors Community
Shahid Kapoor
Salman Khan — Fan club

Most Famous from Music Industry
AR Rahman Fans
Enrique Iglesias
Michael Jackson



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