Lessons learnt from the year 2010 are working fine for heroes in Mega compound. The debacles and missed targets made Mega Fans to forget the actual range and capabilities of their three heroes’ viz. pawan kalyan, Ramcharan and Allu Arjun. Now, the year of 2011 is like a crucial year for them to bring back the lost shine.

If pawan kalyan is already on the damage control mode with acceptance of six projects (Teen Maar, Jesus Christ, Gabbar Singh, The Shadow and two more in discussions), Ramcharan shivering with ‘Merupu’ fever till yesterday has gone back to Miami only after deciding three projects (Sampat Nandi, Trivikram and VV Vinayak). Not to go back in the race is Koththa Pelli Kodudku Allu Arjun too had three projects (Badrinath with VV Vinayak, Trivikram and Selva Raghavan).

If the turbine of luck rotates in clock wise direction, Mega Fans can enjoy these 12 releases in 2011-12.



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