Meher copied Magadheera!

The much hyped release of Junior NTR’s ‘Shakti’ is getting varied opinions for its first teaser. Hullaboo around this kind of high budgeted star films is a regular scene but what makes ‘Shakti’ stand a part is the nature of story line and the star cast along with the prestigious banner of Vyjayanthi.

Director Meher Ramesh offering the title of A1 Star to Junior NTR hasn’t gone well with audience and now the first look of teaser which they called ‘Worth Waiting’ is also serving as a drawback factor for its similar look and feel to ‘Magadheera.’ Sincerely speaking trailers offer best possible publicity for any movie and Meher cutting a costly trailer with a carbon copy look is contemplated as a misadventure. Now, the urgent duty of Vyjayanthi will be to cut a new trailer with new ambience at least two to three weeks before March 30. Well, let us see how far trailer affects the movie and how far Young Tiger's star image comes to the rescue.



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