not totally confirmed but almost ...

as an inspiration again.
but a slight change nag grows up in a village and then he comes back after born.But in badrinadh allu arjun will born in an
hill station and his village is famous for martial arts and he will be good in martial arts.
actor allu arjun has undergone professional training in martial arts at Vietnam. Justifying the title, the film is based on a backdrop of sacred place Badrinath.
Tamannah will be seen opposite Arjun for the first time. Prakash Raj will be seen in a crucial role in the film as an Guru of allu arjun.Prakash Raj didn't like
his daughter tammana loving allu arjun and he tries to kill allu arjun with his another shishya(villan) but unexpectedly both allu arjun and thammana die.
and next the starting of movie starts in hyderabad.

1st half:- film starts in hyderabad with normal bike introduction of allu arjun and herione in jeans in college backdrop
and how they fall in love in 1st half and then they went to tour to badrinadh temple and there they
see prakash raj as old man and then he tells story and then 2nd half flash back episode.

2nd half:- full of mass elements as badrindh is famous for martial training ani chupistadu allu arjun doing well
except his long hair.nice fight sequences.then a twist that villan enters the scene and again try to capture
herione and in final hero saves herione and kills vilan finally and prakash raj will join hands of hero
and herione.
1.bunny 2 songs lo dance iraga kummadanta...
2.raghu babu comedy track highlight anta...
3.allu arjun-tammanah pair very good
5.good music by keeravani
6.b.ground music iragakummadanta...almost magadheera range...
7.releasing in summer
1.old type story as an inspiration of janaki ramudu,magadheera
2.high budget



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