The King of Bollywood is about to take over Hollywood! The latest buzz in B-town is that Shahrukh Khan will soon star in a movie alongside Hollywood big shot Leonardo Di Caprio!

  As you guys already know that SRK recently premiered his new drama "My Name is Khan" at the famous Berlin Film Festival, but the trip abroad did so much more for SRK’s career than just promote the flick!

The King of Bollywood reportedly met with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, movie director Martin Scorsese and actor Leonardo Di Caprio, and the trio truly bonded!

"Leonardo, Martin and I spent some time together. Martin was gracious enough to remember that he had met me in Cannes way back in 2002 when I was there for "Devdas." He wants to watch "Devdas" and I've promised to send it to him. I'll do so right way," SRK told reporters.

So is a Hollywood meets Bollywood collaboration in the making? Well according to the latest buzz in B-town, SRK and Leo are set to co-star in a movie called "Xtrme City" directed by Paul Schrader.
The multi million budget movie has been in the making for a while and part of the reason that SRK went to Berlin was also to discuss details of the movie with Leo, who was there to present his latest flick with Martin Scorsese "Shutter Island." The action thriller will reportedly tell the story of the underworld crime scene in Mumbai.
"I hadn't thought about working in India. However, now I see Bollywood as the next great frontier. "Xtrme City" is a cross-cultural entertainment that merges the cinematic traditions of Bollywood and Hollywood. I am indeed excited to make a film which is accessible and meaningful to both Indian and American cultures," director Paul Schrader told reporters.
And with stars like Shahrukh Khan and Leonardo Di Caprio, how can this possibly not be the next big box-office hit for the two actors? We can’t wait to see this Bollywood/Hollywood fusion flick! How about you? Drop us a line and give us your thoughts abot this?



  1. dude it was old news it wasnt confirmed n even its said by anubav sinha,part of xtreme city n director of RA.1


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