Mangala review.
charmy plays a heroine role in d flick.She is just a comman girl like us who has no powers except star status.Pradeep rawat looks so different.He loves his son so much. His son is a die hard fan of charmy. He wants 2meet pradeep rawat gives him so much of money in a big bowl n sends him to meet pradeeprawat pampered his son so much, his son is so sentimental. He gets hurted due to charmi n consume poision n dies.pradeep rawat comes to know bout his son's death and is very furious on the actress charmi. So as he knows black magic,he does black magic on charmy. Every single day charmy had to feel d effect of blackmagic on her body. She vomits blood too.there r some disgusting scenes such as charmy's beautiful body getting affected by black magic n pradeep rawat's care.Towards his son. After deteroting charmy's health she gets to know bout blackmagic of pradeep rawat.Then c goes to pradeeprawat n beg his pardon for being d cause of his son's death. C wants her life back.after that c goes to some aghoras or sanyasis n pray to god n so on... Watch d climax in theatres.

conclusion:overall 1st half is just ok. Charmi did overacting n as an actress she failed.Even songs r bad n they come inbtwn the movie.direction is a big letdown and d plot too. Its damn boring to watch 2nd half. Bad s_play,ok music,crispy editing n Ok camera work. If u r a die hard charmi fan then watch mangala only for her songs shaking her butt.

final verdict:1.75/5..avoid



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