NTR fans Injecting Themselves With Shakti Songs Forcefully?
It has been observed that many of the Junior NTR fans are claiming that the audio of 'Shakti' is really good and the movie is going to be a musical hit. But it seems to be a desperate attempt from the fans to force others to get an artificial good impression on the audio. There is no doubt that the audio is good enough to support a hit movie. But the audio itself does not carry enough potential to make the movie a musical hit.
The music from Mani Sharma is just average but Junior NTR can make the songs look great with his dancing skills and histrionics and adding to that, Meher Ramesh is really good at picturization of songs. So, if 'Shakti' becomes a Hit, then the songs obviously will look great and the audio also becomes a super hit. But a good audio is something people must like to listen to the songs irrespective of the result of the movie. In recent days, 'Orange' is such a movie where the movie is flop but the songs are super hit. But no one will remember the songs of 'Shakti' if the movie becomes a failure. That's the whole point about it.



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