It's immature on many say that Pawan would have been number 1 had he not stopped Dancing.

Is this how we guys still think? Is Dance still a prerequisite for someone to prove as an actor or to be in the number game?

It's not that pawan doesn't know how to dance. It's just that he doesn't want to. He wants to break that monotony of shaking legs with some arbit chic in a studio and we never let him do that.

'Coz he, PAWAN, knows that he has got every capability of making a song look more appealing than how these so called stalwart directors could make it look like.
Teja or for that matter any other director could have never dreamt of picturizing that song "Nee valle nee valle" as how PAwan perceived and conceived it. Even, "Ye mera jahan". The energy in the song only grows exponentially. "Aaduvaari maatalaku" shows how Class and Elegant Pawan is when it comes to conceiving songs.

Not, just songs, pawan's mastery - FIGHTS. SJ Surya wouldn't have perceived those fights in KHUSHI as how Pawan did and of course those from JOHNNY. Mere class. It doesn't really stop here if I start talking about Pawan's Technical Brilliance. If the above examples are pages, then JOHNNY is a book. I analyzed this book in the PAST if some of you could remember.
But, you know what.....Am doing a mistake (not really). Am comparing him with directors whose area of concern is just Direction and Pawan, being an actor still scored over them largely. What if I compare him with these so called Actors?? - They are mere babies when it comes to Technical intelligence. Does that mean they are good at acting?????????


Be it Jr. NTR or Mahesh or even Charan (These were the names that were considered right), none of them is worth Pawan or his Acting skills.
How many of you can really think of MAHESH emoting in the movie ATHADU or for that matter any movie you could think of? All I remember is either he is running on the pavement or he is always serious (I rather prefere using the word DUMB). Or that smile that looks so artificial which seems to be popping out to overcome the momentary embarrasment of the scene.

I really don't remember him doing something that has got to do with EXPRESSIONS. He's blank all the time with no LIFE on his face.

But, PAWAN....I'll show you a million EXPRESSIONS of his, not in all the movies, but in JUST ONE DAMN MOVIE. He's brilliant when it comes to emoting. He mastered it like how none could have even thought of. He knows how to undersplay and overplay a character as per it's requirement. He gets into the skin and makes u believe that it's the character that's working wonders on the screen.

But, for Mahesh, every movie is the same, every character is the same. Puri managed to give him a change in Pokiri and since the next director couldn't guide him about the changes, he repeated the same stuff. He tried being PANDU IN SAINIKUDU and that sucked big time.This guy needs hell lot of homework when it comes to acting.
There is a need to talk about VOICE MODULATION too. And Mahesh is a ZERO...AN ABSOLUTE ZERO when it comes to this. AND WHO THE HELL DOESN't KNOW ABOUT PAWAN AND HIS VOICE MODULATION???

And COMIC TIMING....everything is evident now. Pawan RULES and SCORES large over every of these so called actors. PAwan knows how to keep it so NATURAL when it comes to comedy. God, how does he do that?? He's BRILLIANT when it comes to comedy. It just flows with the scene of the play, nothing seems artificial.

And Mahesh....Did he ever attempt comedy?? He was safe till date choosing movies which don't have comedy from his side. Dumbly intelligent right :P.
Mahesh is DUMB and that's the fact. He's hell lot dependent on the directors and we see the fate now. YES, he is good looking. But, if he's good looking, go give him MR. ANDHRA title. Who is gonna care?? But, don't drag him into the number 1 race that too alongside PAWAN. It hurts. or it rather SUXX. Mahesh is an infant when it comes to acting.

And JR. NTR. Now, should I laugh my ass off?? Damn, he suxx from every corner and he's being considered for number 1??. He does have energy when it comes to acting and Dance, but he's a mere mortal when it comes to a comparison with PAWAN. But yeah, he's better than Mahesh in every way except for the looks.
And Charan.....What on earth do u guys think when you quote him to be the future number1?? He's just two movies old. You need more data to arrive at an average guys. I guess you know the Law of Averages. Everyone is bound to get flops. We need more movies of his to judge his acting capabilities and other skills. And don't tell me he's a brilliant actor. He's just good. His comic timing looks so damn artificial. I don't care if he's from mega family. Give him his time, he's surely gonna impress. This guy is damn promising though.




  1. andharu unique e..allari naresh kuda thipputhadu gun nd karra...evadi style vadidhi...

  2. gun pattukuni police station daggara hadavudi cheyyali anna kuda pk e...

  3. chaalu ley muddhu inkoditho eppudu compare cheyyakudadu evari style varidi.and evari fan vadiki ekkuva.

  4. andaru film reporters la nuv kuda rasav be different and be frank e time lo allari naresh kuda dance vesthunadu but mega family nundi vachi dance veyyakapothey navvutharu kada

  5. pk rox..thammudu allari naresh thippadu ani anatledu..aa thippe dantlo style gud acting skill undali andhulo pawan ki ekkuva unnay ani antunaru..matter chadivava lekapothe chadavakunda last line okate chadivava

  6. "MAHESH" ki VOICE MODULATION sariga ranapudu JALSA ki voice over enduku pettukunnaro??.... :P
    U ppl hav to decide..............!

  7. 2 all above plz dont post ina anonymous use ur gmail acc

    and to the topic compare cheyadodu aney rasenu and again ur doin same! ikada alari naresh fans unara ;p

  8. bro watever u said about kalyan is damm true but that doesn't mean that jr.ntr and mahesh ki talent ledhu ani kadhu kadha

  9. andharu unique e..allari naresh kuda thipputhadu gun nd karra...evadi style vadidhi...

  10. may be wat u said abt pawan is right to some extent....but wat u hav said abt MAHESH IS 100% crap!!!....your conception abt his acting skills and voice modulation really sucks!!!...i truly admit that im a mahesh fan...but im nt merely supporting him as im his fan.....i can giv u so many proofs to say he is a gem among his counterparts....wat did u say....he knows nothing to act but just being dumb n expressionless on screen...wat a pity??? i hav 2 really laugh on ur immaturity n ignorance....MAHESH won nandi award for 6 u think committee which gav awards doesnt knw anything abt his acting skills or do u just think that u knw more than anybody order to prove ur hero as no1 u need not take potshots against other heroes....grow up...behave like a matured one....this poor article posted by u shows ur insecurity feeling about pawan's position in industry rather than highlighting his skills...never post such a shit again coz it never gives u desired result but just showcses ur cowardice and fear whether ur hero may be kicked out of race by other actors forever...good luck...!!!

  11. Dear Gun Shot as you said your Mahesh Fan That explains all! Anyways Mahesh was given Nandi Awards for ^ tims just because YSr was rulling at thattime,Krishna Begged YSR and got him Nandis's! anyways mahesh is to some extent i agree that doest stop him from giving blank expressions and all!


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