Pop singer
Baba sehgal says that
His song from Chik chikit from rikshavodu
is one of the songs he like the most
with which he started his South journey 12 yrs back
and now he want to use this song in his upcoming pop album

So remebering Song once again
♥ ♥ In High Volume ♥ ♥


“Pop music has become paap music in the past 10 years,” says Sehgal who’s become a fitness-freak. “I’m working on toning my body and if not a six-pack, I will at least have a good physique going.” You may not know it, but Sehgal has been very active in Tollywood and sings fluently in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada without completely understanding the languages. “It started with a song with actor Chiranjeevi, called Chik chik chiklette… for his film Riksha Vodu, 12 years ago. Since then I’ve been performing abroad on Tollywood songs in addition to hits like Dil dhadke…, Thanda thanda paani… and Manjula...” Sehgal is planning to release his new rap and hip-hop album this year. “My new single, Snoop baba… should be out in a few months,” he says.



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