Ram gopal varma ante oka shiva,oka govinda govinda,oka rangeela

on the other side Ram gopal varma ante oka james,oka aag.

Ila industry hits tho paatu industry lo chetta pictures anni thana brand ke sonthamayyai.

film industry ki rakamundhu hyd lo oka cinema cassette's rent ki iche shop run chesina RGV arrested for renting piracy cassettes, and the same RGV raksha movie apudu piracy ki against ga statements ichadu.

Thanu thisina most of the movies mafia midha kavatam tho indian film industry lo underworld tho samandham unna biggest director ga mahesh bhatt tho kalisadu, and other side bollywood ki oka trend chubinchina god father ayaaddu.

Big directors like puri,krishna vamsi varma brands and worked under varma.

Thanu teeyalanukunna movie clear ga execute cheyagaligina one and only director of india.Hero image ki kommukase directors unna ee industry lo,thana image ki taggattu hero ni maarchagalige director RGV.Pedda stars lekapoyina..junior artists ni petti movie ni tiyagala director RGV.

He worked with big director like Mani Ratnam where RGV penned the script for "thiruda thiruda" which is dubbed in telugu as "Donga Donga" and also RGV's ever green Gayam movie script was Penned by Mani Ratnam.

He was the Director who challenged Yandamuri veerenthranath that he(RGV) can make better horror films than yandamuri.(remmember that it was the time when RGV was not in the industry)

Media ki RGV ante oka sensation
Women welfare association vaallaki RGV ante rebel
But film industry lo enter ayye entho mandhi kotha directors ki RGV ante oka inspiration.

Because he came he saw he conquered.

He built his fort in the indian film industry.

Some facts about RGV CHARITHRA

RGV CHARITHRA PART 1:-Start,Camera,Action……….

G-Genius(dangerous sometimes)
V-Volatile(in nature)(but he thinks he his non-volatile)

2.Media Theory:-

2.1 if he is going away from it.indeed he is expecting
the media to follow him.

2.2 if he came before media.it means MOVIE PROMOTION.

3.He even accepts critisicm on him if it has some fun or logic in it.

4.He counts number of words before speaking but not for thinking.

5.His ideolozy of life is ‘We should be in the safe corner’.

eg:- if he is jack in titanic he definately leave rose in the middle
of the sea(now he is thinking everyone does the same)

6.People think he made another flop.
He think i have gained money with the budget i kept on the movie.
He thinks he won(perfect business man).

7.Make Controversy is RGV’s third law.(works for movie promotion)

“For every Conterversy there is an equal and opposite hype”

8.About lieing:-
who said lieing is wrong???its part of daily routine…..

9.If LAW says its right to do wrong.He is the first person to follow.

10.He don’t believe in friendship.But his friends believe it till they realise.

11.His style of taking revenge is different.He makes a movie for them.
they will weep by locking the doors inside.

12.If he did not came in to movie land.He will be ruling under world with RGV company.

13.Marriage-it is just for sex.For that sake why to marry one girl and suffer life long.

14.Scenes are larger than movie.He will be happy watching the same flop movie again and again
for some specific scenes.



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