Ram Gopal Varma is like a kid who want to buy and play
with the best toy/weapon in the market. It was RGV who
made the 1st film India with steady cam in the form of
‘ Shiva’. RGV might have failed as a director at times, but
never failed as a technician who stretches the borders of
creativity by embracing the new technologies. After
showcasing the power of video mode in Canon 5D
cameras with Dongala Mutha press preview, a few
producers approached him for the consulation. RGV is of
opinion that content is the king and not even a single
audience come to the theater because a particular
cinematographer has shot it. RGV asks that why should
cinematographers in Telugu need to be paid from 25 lacs
to 50 lacs (except for epic movies and costume dramas).
He went on to prove that point by not having a
cinematographer for Dongala Mutha. He had just five still
camera operators working on video mode simultaneously
during the shoot. When a producer approached RGV that a
cinematographer is asking for 25 lacs, RGV convinced him
that he could do away with costly cinematographer and
give a chance to a new guy, instead. Another producer
approached RGV for consultation and he planned to do a
small movie with a budget of 1.25 crores. RGV has shown
his how he reduced cost while doing Dongala Mutha and
the producer reworked on the budget and decided that he
could make a movie in a budget of 25 lacs. Even if RGV ’s
Dongala Mutha becomes marginally successful, the first
person whose livelihood is going to get affected is going
to be that of a cinematographer.
Ika Chota k.naidu ,santosh shivan, p c sriram anthaaaa
assameeeeeee na :P



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