Bengali beauty Richa Gangopadyay nowadays is not so happy with the media photographers, who desperately grab a chance to click their cameras on the real stuff of the heroines. The way they capture her panties during a recent function, makes her fume on them. But, Richa couldn’t forgive them, for their dedication to catch the glimpse of her assets, while she was participating in a lucky dip program conducted by leading mobile phone chain unit.

She was invited as the Chief Guest of a private function and asked to take a lucky winner coupon from the big box kept before her. While, she was taking the lucky dip, the photographers also find it a lucky time for their cameras and clicked their hungry cameras aiming at the cleavage show presented by the Bengali beauty. But, she came to know about this prime catch only after some web sites posted her hot images on their sites. But, it is too late to do any damage control. So, the disgruntled Richa cursing the photographers sat with her (legs?) fingers crossed to avert any further damage.



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