Tamil telugu

1.Directors 80% 60%

2.Producers 40% 80%

3.Actors 90% 70%

4.Actress 50% 50%

5.Story-Screen Play 70% 50%

6.Music-Background Score 80% 70%

7.Technicians 65% 75%

8.Theatres 50% 50%

9.Market 50% 70%

10.Audience Final Judgement[Taste] 100% 65%

11.Distributors 45% 70%

Direction, story, actors, music better in tamil comapre to telugu..

Audience taste matram 100% tamil vallu best cinema bagunnate entha chinna cinema ayina ani centers lo baga aduthundi............
kani telugu lo A center movie , B class movie, C grade movies ani divide chestaru...... 

I Feel Tamil Cinema Wings are More Wider than Ours!!

Though We have Chiru,nbk,nag,venky there is No ONE KAMAL HASAN!!!

Though We have Sekhar Kammula,Puri,VV Vinayak, There is No Director To Direct a Movie Which Releases into Various Languages around the Globe like Raavan,Robo,

Though We have Allu Aravind,Suresh babu etc There is No Yuganiki Okkadu,Mallanna,Aparachithudu,Ghazini,Sivaputrudu With Debut Actors,

Though We are about 10Crore Population To take a Magadheera We Borrowed many Technicians,[its Not Wrong But Y cant We ??]



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