Theen maar s budget is 20 cr! and the sattelite rights are sold for a bomb! 8.5 cr for maa tv (highest in tfi) The movie is presented by Bade Ravi Kiran. Cinematography: Jaynan VIncent, Co- Producer - Siva Babu, Dialogues - Trivikram, Music - Mani Sharma
and the movie which is a class movie has a mass title Theen maar which is an unexpected title.

lovely, kushiga dint impress any one

theen maar is a pakka mass title. but look at the caption..celebration of love...

simply loved the title as well as the caption now :)

seriously, wonder how different and unique pawan and trivikram think sometimes !

and lets got to pawan's theartical business over last year so called  dud puli which collected 13.6 cr in first week with a mixed talk!
so a flop talk has a stamina to collect 13.6 cr is surely eyebrows raising! anways back to topic theen maar's audio is doing a great round @ the industry circle,mani sharma giving his best! and audio rights are being sold to aditya for 1 cr ! and so theen maar is making a huge business before release and the dialouges penned by ace trivikram which are a rage among youth!
ganesh babu the producer is making no stone unturned for this project! hes palaning to release audio on 21st at a huge gathering of fans!officially the venue is to be announced!the main advantages of  the movie are
1)pavan's double action
2) pavan kalyan  trisha chemistry 
3)pavan 's mass look and few dance steps are very musch creating hype
4)trivikram pawan combo jalsa did wonders so hoping same will be repeated 
5)the stills of the movie are really turning heads

so if theen maar is released its sure to collect at least 13cr in first week so over all! the producer is in safe hands! and  so the value goes to

13(first week collection)+8.5(sattelite rights)+1cr(audio rights)=22.5 cr>20cr(budget of theen maar)

so no doubt the whole cast and crew ,fans have a reason to celebrate   theen maar \m/



  1. idi maro puli antunnaru TFI lo

  2. adhi power star stamina.....hez da ultimate pawan roxxx..............................enka antis ki theenmaarey...............

  3. mar 10th post

    march 11th post

    nenu rasina article vedu copy kotedu



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