Don’t be fooled by their onscreen romance. It is now reported that actors Junior NTR and Ileana are spitting fire at each other, causing a huge tumult in Tollywood. The two who starred in Aswini Dutt’s “Shakti,” which bombed at the box office, have vowed to never work together again, allege sources. The trouble has been brewing for a long time now. Sources close to the actors claim that the duo constantly accuse each other of being arrogant. It is said that Illeana doesn’t even shy away from expressing her hatred towards NTR in her conversations with filmi friends. The two acted in “Rakhi” a few years ago and it is alleged that they refused to get along from day one, causing the movie to suffer. Now, things have taken a turn for the worse.
Critics who bashed their terrible onscreen chemistry in “Shakti” are being told that their hostility towards each other on the sets took a toll on the output. In fact, sources close to them are laughing about the fact that the fight scenes between their characters in the film are the only realistic ones, since the two actually quarrelled on sets.
Ileana’s hatred for NTR took a public turn when she openly criticized “Shakti,” calling it a “bad” one. The actress was absent during the movie’s release and she allegedly kept herself unavailable for publicity activities on purpose. The fact that NTR is notorious for his mood swings didn’t help the matter. It is alleged that he is “unfriendly” with most of
his leading ladies.
“Ileana hates NTR and doesn’t even talk to him on the sets. She comes out of her van when the shot is ready, only to go back soon after. Ileana hates people who smoke around her and NTR deliberately lights up in front of her to annoy her. The only reason Ileana signed up for the film is because they were paying her 1.5 crore,” revealed, a close aide of the actress.
While the two are at loggerheads, industry sources re
veal it is Ileana who will suffer if the matter isn’t resolved soon. There’s already a buzz being created by NTR fans, demanding that she be banned from Tollywood.
Ileana, is now treading on thin ice, the sources add. “Since her movies in the last one-and-a-half year flopped and her statements against “Shakti” didn’t go down too well with the Nandamuri camp, most producers are opting to cast Trisha, Kajal or even Samantha instead of her,” says the source. 




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