City youth find their ‘Anna’

Spurred on by the growing Net activism, young Hyderabadis take to the streets pledging support to Anna Hazare

Prashanth Bhat

    Barely a week after India came together in a show of unity onto the streets, cherishing the historic moment of winning the 2011 Cricket World Cup, the nation is once again speaking in one voice. This time for a greater cause — to pledge their support to 73-year-old activist Anna Hazare who is on a hunger strike, demanding the government to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill to curb corruption.
    Young Hyderabadis too, have finally found an icon in Hazare as this nationwide movement is a rage on the Internet. Youngsters have changed their profile pictures from the Men in Blue, to Anna Hazare. Blogs and social networking sites are flooded with messages from youngsters pledging their support to Hazare.
    Youngsters say corruption is more serious an issue than cricket which is why they are supporting Anna’s movement. “I saw the cricket mania on the Net. It was a happy moment for us. But corruption is more important an issue than anything else today. It is rampant and is destroying the country. Like we supported Team India, we should also unite and fight against corruption. I’ve posted articles that tell people what the Jan Lokpal Bill could do to reduce corruption,” says Sofia Juliet, a post graduate student of OU College of Arts.
    Satyajith, a student and an avid blogger, writes, “India has won the Cricket World Cup, but how much has the country benefited from the win? The country is facing the biggest threat from corruption. Politicians to government employees indulge in it, you can see it everywhere. Show the collective anger of the people of India against corruption.”
    Pavan Kumar, an avid supporter of the movement posts updates on Anna Hazare
every two hours and keeps urging young netizens to “fight against corruption”.
    From a virtual world the movement spills on to the city streets. Youngsters are calling student unions and political party offices to check if there are any rallies being held in the city to take part. City-based organization Youth For Better India has announced an indefinite fast in association with other organizations. “We held a one-day hunger strike in front of Shilparamam this week. There will be a relay fast from Friday onwards. There is unprecedented support from city youngsters,” says Praneet Reddy from YFBT.
    Though the city has for long been thanda in its civil society movements, this time, the support to fight against corruption is overwhelming.


Prakash Raj’s status message reads: “Let us show our support by taking oath that we won’t bribe anymore and that we will stand in the line for our turn. I am with Anna Hazare”.

Mohanbabu, who is taking out a rally with students from his school says: “Prayers and strength to great Anna Hazare. Hats off to great man fighting for the future. Let us support the Lokpal Bill”.

Siddharth tweets — “I’m not eating the whole day today. I feel guilty eating when a great man who is fighting for me is not. I’m with Anna Hazare. Are you?”

Kamal Kamaraju says: “If a 73-year-old can take it on himself and fast for Lokpal Bill, it is time for youth to stop getting pissed off and support the cause ”.

Movie Artistes Association President Murali Mohan announced his support to the fight of Anna’s satyagraha.

Youngsters raise their voice



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