It all Started with Actress Sridevi who underwent cosmetic sugery
for nose..If u thought that only older heroes undergo cosmetic
surgeries then u r mistaken. Because Ram Charan, NTR, Allu
Arjun,Sushanth etc too underwent such operations.
Everyone knows that Megastar Chiranjeevi has underwent
Liposuction to reduce weight,as well as hair transplantation.
Jr NTR underwent facial lift operation along with fat removal
[liposuction]. After his fat cells were removed he developed skin
folds on his face. The excessive folds were surgically removed
(face lift)
[Both Allu Arjun & Ram charan suffer from Prognathism[jaw
placed forward].
Arjun underwent maxillofacial surgeries (to bring back their lower
jaw back)[jaw mundukunte].He's also undergone through
cosmetic surgery for nose.
Though the operation was successful in Allu Arjun, the doctors in
UK were not able to bring back the mandible (lower jaw)
completely in case ofRam Charan and doctors advised against
doing several more operations since this could make his facial
bones very weak...
Mahesh Babu like his father started developing slight baldness
many years back. He underwent hair transplantation surgery.
Have you wondered how Nagarjuna and Venkatesh look younger
without any folds on their face? It is because they underwent facial
lift surgeries.
Upcoming actor Dharam Tej[relative of chiranjeevi] underwent
sevral surgeries.
Hero Rajashekar is planning to undergo Botox therapy to look
Sushanth has undergone a secret cosmetic surgery for second
time to adjust his lower jaw.
Iliyana & Colours swathi,Ramyakrishna alleged to've undergone
facial surgeries.
Anushka lipo for waist.
Even some of the heroes are said to be getting a surgery based
six–pack done.
The list goes on. Almost every major hero in the Telugu film
industry underwent one operation or the other.

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