Pawan Kalyan is one guy who always had soft corner and appreciation for telangana.
This affection has made him induce many songs, characters, dialogues related to telangana in his movies till date.
Infact, his research on traditional and folk songs in all dialects of telugu was visible in his bit songs and scenes in movies like Thammudu, Khushi, Johnny, Gudumba Shankar, Annavaram, Jalsa, Komaram Puli.
Either his character had telangana backdrop or he sang folks songs in this dialect.
Infact, in his first directorial venture Johnny, he got folk lyricist like Masterji, who hailed from Telangana to penn lyrics like Naarazu gaakura maa annaya, nuvvu saara taaguDu maanurannO.
His character in Annavaram was of a villager in telangana.
He tried to promote surname of telangana freedom fighter Komaram Bheem through his character in Komaram Puli and even uttered dialogues in telangana accent.

His character in Jalsa, Sanjay Sahu, was a villager in karimnagar district who lost his parents to effects of feudalism and takes him towards naxalism.

Now, he played character of Arjun Palvai, who finds his love during Telangana movement in 1969 and is celebrating his love with Teenmaar.
But unfortunately, few telangana activists and TRS activists don’t understand him and think that he’s trying to encash on their movement.

Where were these activists when others actually encashed their movement by making films like Osey Ramulamma, Adavilo Anna, Encounter, Jai Bolo Telangana etc. and filled their personal pockets but never even donated a rupee to any victim of telangana movement ?

Protesting against movie titles, blackmailing and extortion of money in the name of movement, throwing stones at posters and cutouts, burning effigies will never achieve purpose of any movement.

Time to think…



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