KalyanFirst time I came across a real example that how much a man can love his life partner. For philosophical persons principles are more important than anything else. What ever be the situation and what ever be their necessity they will never deviate from their principles. Ex: Chiru merged PRP with congress, invited Pawan but the man of priciples softly said NO (but with great pain and heartbreak). After acting in 13 films (as of that time) he did not own a single house which made his spouse little uncomfort. Because by using his name and fame people making crores of rupees (Allu bava with Jalsa best example) where as Pawan never cared about money. He earns and he spends but never cared about saving. Still his spouse maintained calmness. When PULI flopped Pawan gave back his entire remuneration to the producer (what a kind hearted he is).
What anybody's wife do in this situation? She gave a strong dose to Pawan. He realised the situation around him. Now see how he is doing film after film contrary to Pawan's style. Even he started producing films. His only intention is not earning money but to prove his wife that how much he loves her. A man who is fully fond of his principles deviated from them just for his spouse.
See how much pain he has taken for his lafe partner....!

Hatsoff to Pawan - The man of principles



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