"If fans have faith, Nothing can stop Pawan from
becoming the most enduring, adorable and inspiring STAR"
Thnx to Subhashini for coming up with such a beautiful line
which is not just true, but which has our belief written all
over it.
It's the same faith that made us stick to this guy and will
make us do so in the future.
Well, am not here to review the film now, coz lot of us
have already done that and I wud use the review thread
itself for that.
But this is to talk about nothing but just PAWAN. Coz he
truly deserves a whole new thread for this movie.
This is to all those who keep talking about Pawan's
PAWAN himself picked the movie LAK (Much before
PULI's release and result. So, it's not PULI's result which
made him pick the story)
PAWAN himself picked TRIVIKRAM.
PAWAN himself picked JAYANT . (A time when people are
roping in stalwart directors like Shankar for a remake,
Pawan picked Jayant, clearly explaining that it's the Talent
that matters to him, but not the success ratio of the
PAWAN himself picked MANISHARMA.
PAWAN himself picked GANESH
So, PAWAN himself made this team which eventually
went about making wonders at the box office.
So, all those who keep cursing his judging capabilities
sometimes, let us try to understand that it's in the process
of his experimentation that some judgements of his got
Not every judgement of his needs to work, some of them
may end up as wrong judgements. And it's a part of the
Ok, so justifying Pawan's faith in the team he picked, each
and every one of the team member has come up with the
best of his works. They came up with a brillinat fine tuning
of the original, a much better script, pleasant tunes, roped
in gr8 technicians etc.
Now that the team has lived upto Pawan's hopes, it's for
PAwan to live upto their hopes, with his PERFORMACE. Did
Of course yess.....it's a hell yessssss........
If Arjun's EYES were doing the talking all the time, it was
everything that was doing the talking for Michael
velayudam, surprisingly even his LIPs ;) :P.
The way he brought LIFE to both the CHARACTERS is
astounding. I bet, not just once, but many times, that
none....none....none could have pulled this movie off so
effectively, specially those whose names are always
dragged in for the number one game.
TAKE A BIG BOW PAWAN...a very very BIG BOW.....:)....U
truly truly deserve it :).
And btw......do u really act on screen PAWAN?...Coz I don't
think so. U make me belive that it's the character u play
that works wonders on the screen. U get so deep into the
skin of the characters u play that you never seem to be
Specially in this movie.....whoaaahhh.....LOVED U LIKE
The way Michael starts off saying Perfectooo
Perfecctooo, handling the slender waist of his
waitress :P.....
or the way he dances in rythm to the gal's bum swaying in
chiguru boniya :P......
or the way he stimulates Trisha with his
or the way he throws a peck on her lips :P.....
or the way he says (in the kitchen), "evaru raaru gaa
grandma grand paa etc" and plays erotically with
Trisha :P.....
or the way he handles the break up scene at the dining
or the way he sits on the airport wall so casually chatting
with senapathi ;).....(so much at ease ;))
or the way he handles the goons in the parking lot.....(this
was lovely)....
or the way he says...."enni saarlu vidipothaamu
or the way he brings life to the marriage scene.....
(impecccable performance again)
or the way he looks into the mirror and says....."Aa T-shirt
enti raa??" (lovely voice modulation)
or the way he verbally bashes his BOSS.....(Literally AWED
everyone with his PERFORMANCE....THREE CHEERS
And of course....ARJUN had his intensity and love both
running paralelly in his EYES and in his body
language ;).....Portrayed with absolute finesse.....LOVED



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