last time we wrote for shakthi exactly 10 days before its release and u know how true it became!so coming to theen maar.
here s d complete preview of upcoming tollywoood flick TEENMAAR,which is a remake of hindi movie LOVE AAJ kal

hero: powerstar PAWAN KALYAN (ARJUN & MICHEAL)
heroine : Trisha
director: jayanth
dialouges: trivikram
music : manisharma

*Theen maar quite a mass title for a class movie..
*PAWAN KALYAN played duel role ...
*TRISHA played the lead actress role.
*Arjun Palwai Character will play the leading role for the movie.

As jayanth & pavan already grabbed hits with remakes in their past career,so dey not yet all tried to do any changes to the flick,keeping faith on original script.
pavan and trisha are modern-day couple . They are very happy together but do not believe in tying each other down. So when life pulls them in different directions, they decide to go with the flow. they Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet type couples exist only in story books. Instead of taking the long-distance relationship route, they amicably decide to split and even celebrate their separation.

They move on and meet other people but keep feeling that they haven’t been able to get over each other fully.

MICHEAL shares his feels with one of his close one ARJUN PALWAI(role of arjun palwai ll be played by PAVAN KALYAN during flashback scenes when ARJUN EXPLAINS HIS OAST TO MICHEAL).
whose interfering questions finally leads the two to share their remarkably similar stories.
Running side-by-side, but in a different time, is the tale of ARJUN PALWAI.
A great believer of love,narrates his love story to MICHEAL to try to convince him not to let her love go. He tells how he fell for a girl. How he struggled only to see her face. He also explains how things were different, and the couples then had a lot more respect for each other.

pawankalyan - a career best performance
Trisha: trisha has done her job but youth may not like her. Trisha is too old 2play dis character.

*songs r gud n pawan did a commendable job. He's got lot of energy n he has got dat power again.
*pawan is d main highlight of dis flick.His new style n excellent comedy timing may go well with youth.
*few gud dialouges, 2songs n 1more gr8 heart touching song and pawankalyan

*screenplay n dir r exactly d same 4m hin version.
*songs at which they ve started d tempo is gr8. But d tempo is lost in 2songs at d end. Sum dialouges also r taken 4m hindi LAK.
*boring in parts, english dialouges, editing may not b liked by rural audience at all.

1st half : above avg and for fans it will b gud..Gud comedy but not gr8, gud dialouges but a few r gr8.

2nd half: gets bit slow down..basthi dorasani song will be the main highlight of the flick .velayuddham : heavy dialouges. Hope few ppl won't mind them as those dialouges r excellent..

hindi version there was no melodrama involving deepika. But here we ve a melodrama n sum family sentiments which suits for telugu aud...

Common aud - if u ve watched LAK, u may feel little bit bored n can predict d next scene so easily. bUt if u havn't watched it,u may like it...

conclusion: creativity is dead,PAWAN acting is the main highlight..

verdict: 3.5/5 . . Theenmaar surely ll not become a ll b one time watch movie for pavan's one man show.its success @ boxoffice depends on how youth ll receive the flick



  1. Is it true..?

  2. i think this movie will be good hit for Pawan....

    now i got fully disappointed.


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