The most awaited film of the year 2011 - 'Teenmaar'.

Release Date : 14 April, 2011.

Banner : Parameshwara Arts

Cast : Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Kriti, Dona, Paresh Rawel, Mukesh Rushi, Ali, Sonusood, Etc.

Fights : Tinu Varma

Choreogrpahy : Raju Sundaram, Kalyan

Lyrics : Rahman, Viswa, Bhaskara Batla

Music : Mani Sharma

Dialogues : Trivikram

Cinematography : Jayanan Vincent

Editor : M.R.Varma

Producer : Ganesh Babu

Screenplay - Direction : Jayanth.C.Paranji

 I am sure before reading this,you must have heard lot abt the movie! and post it relaease u must have heard the talk abt the movie!Theenmaar has a good start! and as we all know "a good start is half done" pawan trisha trivikram and of course jayanth mani steal the show! ironically in the order i wrote the previous line!
yes! pawan dominated the whole movie! err i should say Pawans dominated the whole move! the pawan square is very apt!

story: well as all know itd a remake  of  Imtiazali's Love Aaj Kal ! but Theenmaar isnt a  complete xerox! but yes most of the movie is same! there has been a vivd\id changes in fights,songs,screenplay! the variation in two characters is shown very well! and the similarity too is shown very well! of course a inspiration will do justice to the word more than similarity!
 well going to story

Cinema begining nunchi full too fast untadi..

Pawan Trisha Break Up ayyaka.. Palwai entrance keka

Totally 2 liplocks with Trisha ;) 

every one are startled to see the movie running so fast! but then they come to know that its beeing slow too! but that doesnt mean its bore! manaki bore aney padham ae radhu cinema chustu untey
fights are too the part of changes in scripts and have set aptly to the movie!studying in London, Pawan and trisha are in a relationship for two years but when beckons, they mutually break off their relationship. Trisha prepares to go to India to pursue her career in old historical places restorations whereas kalyan waits in with a hope of getting his dream job in San Fransico’s Golden Gate Co. The couple though broken off decides to keep in touch via net and phone calls and continue to remain friends. Restaurant owner (Some X person)is a silent observer to their break up process since it happens in his restaurant. 

In fact his screenplay is indeed full of surprises ahead, especially in the half.
As you to anticipate a particular thing happening ahead in the plot, almost 9 times out of 10 he proves you wrong. Making the film extremely relatable to everyone who has ever been in love and broken off with his/her partner, Jayanth  takes it notches higher by Trivikram  dialogues that sound simple but convey a lot.

Plenty of scenes stay with you as you come out.The technical Team worked Hard for this Prestageous Project . Prdoucer Ganesh Babu holds good Marks in production and director caught audience Pulse  in making teenmaar.Massy title Classy act adds Postive impact on movie.

i think post fan show talk! evrybody are fixed that !st half will be great and second half will be just avg! but no many will like 2nd half more! most families ladies will prefer 2nd half! in 2nd half pawan  showed his acting skills! the more he tries to be confused! he stole the show!and trisha too was no less! she too has a huge energy! she did a fablous job! though she looked more elder to pawan!

Without any doubt, these are career best performances of both Pavan and Trisha and it should not be a surprise if they both end up winning most of awards for this year.

the positive things:  evrything will be counted postive! the cast the technicians the musi evertthing and every1!
but the highligts are pawan trisha trivikram manisharma background music was ok but can be added as a postive songs are picturized ver well! and its very lavish and trendy!pawn dances were groovy and quite energitic rather than today's dances repeating some gymastic steps over and over i loved pawan kalyan in "gelupu talupuley" climax is a sure shot highlight! though predictable for few who have watched Lak! its the best!

the negative things:sonu sood is wasted so is the foreign girl! lip moment in chiguru boniya, voice clarity missing in some scenes,spot dubbing

Teenmaar  is a film definitely not to be missed. It offers us something fresh and and is a unique in story telling and direction that works big time. It is one film that Pawan, Trisha and  always be proud of whenever they look back at their career.

its a pakka hit to super hit!  



  1. wrong review !!

    wat he said is absolutely wrong !!

    movie is a avg flick due 2 first half !!

    second half utter flop !! plz watch in tv !!

  2. movie is keka..powerstar action is highlight for the film..dnt believe anti fans response...

  3. paina chusi comments vesena valu entha mandi

  4. im big fan of pawan kalyan..disappointed..utter flop/..

  5. iy's a parsh move and ..... maettaollaki e move nachhadu..... i like dis move to be frank it's a good move from NTR fan

  6. disregard the -ve comments and watch movie...its a good filick.....if ppl dont watch good movies else day will come whr no movies and no -ve comments can be posted.

  7. im a big fan of jr ntr.....but i liked teenmaar very much bcoz of its fresh subjct......its really good

  8. Movie is too good. bore anedey undadu....pawan kalyan chala baga act chesadu...malli khushi lo chesinattu ga chesadu....mve baledu anevadu manishekadu...really heart touching movie...second half lo pawan kalyan acting superb...trisha is invovled in her character...Love aj kal kanni bagundi...

    intha baga mve unna baledantey inka cinemalu thiyyatam waste...

  9. iy's a parsh move and ..... maettaollaki e move nachhadu..... i like dis move to be frank it's a good move from NTR fan

  10. im big fan of pawan kalyan..disappointed..utter flop/..


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